Monday, December 1, 2008

TWILIGHT...The Movie Posted by Mrs. Schauer

OK, I've waited a while to post this, not because I haven't wanted to post, but because I've been freakishly busy with other areas of my life and honestly haven't had time! I saw the movie in San Antonio the weekend it was released, and my reaction to it is mixed. First, let me say that overall I actually loved it and thought the filmmakers did a fantastic job of staying true to the book. For the most part the characters looked enough like the images I'd created in my mind that I had no trouble believing in them...with the exception of Jasper...what was UP with him? Every time he came on the screen, everyone in the theatre laughed...I realize that Jasper is in pain most of the time, but the movie portrayal of the book character was just a little over the top for me. That leads me to explain why my feelings are mixed. I've never had quite this reaction to a movie before...usually when a movie is made of a book, I either love it or hate it, with no in between. I have to say again that I loved it....but at the same time, it was one of the cheesiest, over the top movies I've ever seen. I think the deal is, the saga of Bella and Edward is just one of those things that is better left in the mind of the's too personal to put on the screen. Then again, I'm back to the fact that I loved it....hmmmm....what are your thoughts on the movie vs. the book?