Monday, March 30, 2009

BOOST, by Kathy Mackel posted by Mrs. Schauer

by Kathy Mackel
AR: Yes
Interest Level: Middle and Upper Grades

I bought this book over spring break when I was at Barnes and Noble browsing for titles that reached out and GRABBED me...this one did, and man...the book grabbed hold of me from the first page! When I saw the cover, I immediately thought of Shannon, one of our own sophomore basketball players right here in Pettus--because I knew it was a book she'd be drawn to immediately. (By the way, I was right--as soon as I finished it, she snatched it away from me!)

BOOST is about Savvy, a 6"2 thirteen year old who eats, sleeps, breathes...LIVES...for basketball. Even though she's still in junior high, she decides to try out for the U-18 girls' elite basketball team. The older girls are pretty rough on her, but it doesn't take long for her skill and natural born talent to make everyone sit up and take notice--soon, she's starting at Center.

During a pivotal game against their arch-rival team, a bag of pills is found in Savvy's gym bag--and an investigation ensues. The pills are tested and found to be anabolic steroids. Could someone really resent her that much, to set her up this way? Even worse...could Savvy's basketball career mean so much to her, that she'd go to any length to succeed? You'll have to read the book to find out!

I have to admit there's a LOT of basketball jargon in here, that flew right over my head--I'm not too great about understanding sports--but I know there are LOADS of kids out there who will absolutely love this book. So...when Shannon's done...check with Mrs. Staples (she's signed up to read it next) or Mrs. Schauer to see about getting on the waiting list for it.

Oh--I'm creating a book trailer for this one--but it won't be posted for a week or so.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WAVES, posted by Cat P. Freshman

by Sharon Dogar
AR: Yes
Interest Level: Upper Grades

Waves is a very intriguing book. Fifteen year old Charley has just discovered her first love and is really starting to get the most out of life, when her brother Hal finds her injured on a rock, and she ends up slipping into a coma. After conducting an investigation, the police come to the conclusion that she had just been surfing and the waves took control of her, causing the accident.

Hal, who has also just discovered his own first love and is trying to make the best of it, can't help thinking that there is more to Charley's story than the police think. To compound matters, Charley starts to speak to Hal, in spirit-form, from her coma. Hal starts hanging out with all the people Charley used to hang out with, and he learns more than he had wanted to know, but Charley's voice just keeps pushing him to investigate and find more information.

Well, this is the end of my blog entry, so if you think this book sounds interesting, then you should read it. It was very very good.

DIAL L FOR LOSER posted by Jackie, 6th Grader

by Lisa Harrison
Posted by Jackie, 6th Grader
AR: Yes
Interest Level: Middle and Upper Grades

DIAL L FOR LOSER is the sixth book in the CLIQUE series, and possibly my favorite. Claire Lyons, Massie Block, and Alicia Rivera are auditioning for the new movie "Dial L for Loser". After Massie gets crushed by Claire, she gets to be the "Daily Grind's" (which is a celebrity show) behind the scenes reporter! Massie and Alicia trash Claire's trailer, make herlook miserable, and even lie to her. Well, I"m not going to tell you the whole story, but this is an AH-MAZINGg book!

Monday, March 23, 2009

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, by Sara Shepard posted by Mrs. Schauer

by Sara Shepard
AR: yes
Interest Level: Upper Grades

Last year, one of our seniors, Hannah, begged me to buy all the books in this series...but our budget was completely GONE by the time she asked, so I had to wait until this year to get them. Every person who has read this book,has also flown through the next three in the series, one after the other, so I knew it was a book I needed to read! (Not only that, Hailee read it in two I knew it had to be a page-turner)

I took Hailee, Savannah, Ashlynn and Amy to Fiesta Texas during spring break, and decided to take this book along for company. (How can you tell a high school librarian from a regular person at Six Flags? She's the one reading a YA book in the ride lines!)

From the first few pages, I could definitely see why everyone's reading the series! It's a fast-paced, tension building mystery with lots of catty girl stuff and high dollar fashion thrown in. The "pretty little liars" the title refers to are: Spencer, Hannah, Aria, and Emily--four girls who were all part of a clique in the 7th grade, led and controlled by Alison...who mysteriously disappeared on the last day of school, never to be heard from again. All of the girls harbor secrets...secrets about their parents, about horrible accidents, about infidelity, sexual indescretions, eating disorders...and more. They are bound by their secrets, and the fact that their leader took the most serious of them with her when she disappeared.

It's been four years since Alison disappeared. The girls, now in their junior year of high school, have drifted apart. There are new secrets piled on top of those from the past...each girl is hiding something. When they each begin recieving text messages and emails from "A," the mystery deepens. Could Alison be alive, watching them? If she's back....has she brought their secrets back with her?

I want to read all of the books in this series...Hailee has the second book now...but I'll have to buy them on my Kindle, or put myself on the waiting list for the library copies!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SANDPIPER, by Ellen Wittlinger posted by Mrs. Schauer

by Ellen Wittlinger
AR: Yes
Interest Level: Upper Grades

Fifteen year old Sandpiper Ragsdale Hollow has made some mistakes with boys--with quite a few boys. It started as a way to get one certain boy to like her--and it worked, for a while. Then there was the next boy, and the next...and before she knew it, she had a reputation as a "bad girl." She's not sure why, but as soon as a boy really starts to like her, she tires of him, casts him aside and moves on to the next one. When one of her rejected suitors decides to get even with her, at's just annoying. Then, he gets more and more violent and threatening, until his rage turns to violence. Can Sandpiper turn her life and reputation around? Why are some mistakes so much harder to live down than others? Why can some girls get away with certain behaviors, and she's judged for them? And what about the Walker, the mysterious loner she befriends...what secrets is he hiding? Could he be different than the other boys she's known? It would be easy for me to give away everything....but then what would be your incentive to read this fantastic book? I highly recommend it--it's a quick, page-turning read.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Book Trailer for THREE LITTLE WORDS, by Ashley Rhodes-Courter posted by Mrs. Schauer

This book trailer for THREE LITTLE WORDS, by Ashley Rhoades-Courter, was created by Mrs. Schauer. There is an AR quiz available and this book is appropriate for upper grades.

LIFE ON THE REFRIGERATOR DOOR, by Alice Kuipers posted by Mrs. Schauer

by Alice Kuipers
AR: Yes (Thanks, Samantha B, for writing the quiz! I made a 100 on it!)
Interest Level: Middle and Upper Grades

My daughter Hailee suggested I take this book with me on my flight to Ft. Worth yesterday, and I loved it! It is a quick read--I finished it in about an hour--and was sad when I was done. The entire book is made up of short notes between a mother and daughter, that they leave for one another daily, on the refrigerator door. The daughter is fifteen and the mom is a doctor, who is at work so much, that many times these notes are their only form of communication for days at a time. Their notes are full of all the normal things moms and daughters go through. There are shopping lists, requests for money, discussions about boyfriends, and tidbits about their days. The notes take on a more serious tone when the mom is diagnosed with breast cancer...I don't want to give away any more than that, because I'd rather people read the book to find out what happens...isnt' that typical of me?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

BONECHILLER, by Graham McNamee posted by Rebecca , Freshman

by Graham McNamee
Posted by Rebecca, Freshman
AR: Yes

This book is about these four kids in Canada that are friends. One of them encounters this beast that lurks in the night...when it's cold. No one believes them, but then another friend encounters the same beast. The worst thing is that they both get bitten. Now the four of them have to stop this beast that's been lurking for thousands of years. This book was great!


Monday, March 9, 2009

HERSHEY HERSELF, by Cecilia Galante posted by Jackie, 6th Grader

by Cecilia Galante
Posted by Jackie, 6th Grader

Hershey Herself is a wonderful book about a girl named Hershey (just like the candy bar!) In the beginning Hershey's mom and her boyfriend Slade, get in a fight, while Hershey is at her friend Phoebe's house. Together the girls make a plan to get Slade to move out. When Hershey goes back to the house, her mom has been beaten up by Slade. She and Hershey move into a Women's Shelter, where they meet new people and have many adventures. I really liked this book!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

LOST IT, by Kristen Tracy posted by Ashley , Freshman

LOST IT, by Kristen Tracy
AR: Yes
Interest Level: Upper Grades

High school junior Tess Whistle's school year so far has been crazy. Her parents have decided to leave her for a wilderness camp in Utah. Her best friend builds a bomb is obsessed about the idea of blowing up a poodle. She has a top locker, and a new guy, that she crushes on, has the locker under hers. She ends up dating the guy--Ben--and telling him she's diabetic, (which she's NOT) as a way to explain why she's always drinking those little apple juice boxes. This is a great should read it!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ARTICHOKE'S HEART, by Suzanne Supplee posted by Mrs. Schauer

by Suzanne Supplee
AR: Yes
Interest Level: Middle and Upper Grades

I picked this book up at TLA (Texas Library Association's Conference) almost a year ago. I was so excited about getting it, and then for some reason it took me until now to read it--but I'm so glad I finally did. Since I got an "advanced reader copy" I don't have it on the shelves yet, but it's already been ordered, so it should be here soon--and I'm sure when it gets here it won't spend a lot of time on the shelf.
Rosemary Goode (Rosie to the people who love her) has always been overweight--well, not just overweight--she's always been fat. She got the nickname "Artichoke" in the sixth grade, when she got a new winter coat in an awful shade of green--and the cruel girls at school said she looked like a giant artichoke. Raised by a single mom who got pregnant in high school, she's always soothed herself with food--until one day, she decides enough is enough. This book follows her journey, from being harassed by the popular girls at school, to getting her first boyfriend, and dealing with her mom's battle with cancer--her story is chronicled in the pages. As the pounds melt away, the reader gets to see Rosie come into her own and develop into a better, stronger version of the person who's always been there on the inside. I don't want to give too much of the story away, but I do want to encourage everyone to read it--it's a fantastic story.