Monday, March 9, 2009

HERSHEY HERSELF, by Cecilia Galante posted by Jackie, 6th Grader

by Cecilia Galante
Posted by Jackie, 6th Grader

Hershey Herself is a wonderful book about a girl named Hershey (just like the candy bar!) In the beginning Hershey's mom and her boyfriend Slade, get in a fight, while Hershey is at her friend Phoebe's house. Together the girls make a plan to get Slade to move out. When Hershey goes back to the house, her mom has been beaten up by Slade. She and Hershey move into a Women's Shelter, where they meet new people and have many adventures. I really liked this book!

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  1. wow...the cover makes it look like this might be a funny book..but it actually sounds pretty serious...i'll have to check it out. thanks for blogging!