Monday, March 23, 2009

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, by Sara Shepard posted by Mrs. Schauer

by Sara Shepard
AR: yes
Interest Level: Upper Grades

Last year, one of our seniors, Hannah, begged me to buy all the books in this series...but our budget was completely GONE by the time she asked, so I had to wait until this year to get them. Every person who has read this book,has also flown through the next three in the series, one after the other, so I knew it was a book I needed to read! (Not only that, Hailee read it in two I knew it had to be a page-turner)

I took Hailee, Savannah, Ashlynn and Amy to Fiesta Texas during spring break, and decided to take this book along for company. (How can you tell a high school librarian from a regular person at Six Flags? She's the one reading a YA book in the ride lines!)

From the first few pages, I could definitely see why everyone's reading the series! It's a fast-paced, tension building mystery with lots of catty girl stuff and high dollar fashion thrown in. The "pretty little liars" the title refers to are: Spencer, Hannah, Aria, and Emily--four girls who were all part of a clique in the 7th grade, led and controlled by Alison...who mysteriously disappeared on the last day of school, never to be heard from again. All of the girls harbor secrets...secrets about their parents, about horrible accidents, about infidelity, sexual indescretions, eating disorders...and more. They are bound by their secrets, and the fact that their leader took the most serious of them with her when she disappeared.

It's been four years since Alison disappeared. The girls, now in their junior year of high school, have drifted apart. There are new secrets piled on top of those from the past...each girl is hiding something. When they each begin recieving text messages and emails from "A," the mystery deepens. Could Alison be alive, watching them? If she's back....has she brought their secrets back with her?

I want to read all of the books in this series...Hailee has the second book now...but I'll have to buy them on my Kindle, or put myself on the waiting list for the library copies!

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