Wednesday, March 11, 2009

LIFE ON THE REFRIGERATOR DOOR, by Alice Kuipers posted by Mrs. Schauer

by Alice Kuipers
AR: Yes (Thanks, Samantha B, for writing the quiz! I made a 100 on it!)
Interest Level: Middle and Upper Grades

My daughter Hailee suggested I take this book with me on my flight to Ft. Worth yesterday, and I loved it! It is a quick read--I finished it in about an hour--and was sad when I was done. The entire book is made up of short notes between a mother and daughter, that they leave for one another daily, on the refrigerator door. The daughter is fifteen and the mom is a doctor, who is at work so much, that many times these notes are their only form of communication for days at a time. Their notes are full of all the normal things moms and daughters go through. There are shopping lists, requests for money, discussions about boyfriends, and tidbits about their days. The notes take on a more serious tone when the mom is diagnosed with breast cancer...I don't want to give away any more than that, because I'd rather people read the book to find out what happens...isnt' that typical of me?

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  1. do you remember what Claire's boyfriend's name is? I need to write a whole documentary for the book.