Wednesday, March 25, 2009

DIAL L FOR LOSER posted by Jackie, 6th Grader

by Lisa Harrison
Posted by Jackie, 6th Grader
AR: Yes
Interest Level: Middle and Upper Grades

DIAL L FOR LOSER is the sixth book in the CLIQUE series, and possibly my favorite. Claire Lyons, Massie Block, and Alicia Rivera are auditioning for the new movie "Dial L for Loser". After Massie gets crushed by Claire, she gets to be the "Daily Grind's" (which is a celebrity show) behind the scenes reporter! Massie and Alicia trash Claire's trailer, make herlook miserable, and even lie to her. Well, I"m not going to tell you the whole story, but this is an AH-MAZINGg book!

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  1. I would have to say this book was Ah-mazing! Even though I liked it I would have to say that out of the series ( SO FAR... ) I have liked The Pretty Committee Strikes Back. That book was AH-SOME!!!!!! But other than that this was a good book. I recommend it to people who are reading the series so far to continue and get a chance to read this ( once again ) Ah-mazing book. I give it **** [ 4 stars ] ( I just rated this book ) :-) HEE HEE