Wednesday, May 13, 2009

THE AFTERLIFE, by Gary Soto posted by Rebeca, Freshman

by Gary Soto
AR:  Yes
Interest Level:  Upper Grades

Two words:  LOVED IT!  This book was incredible!  I didn't know about this book until I saw the book trailer that one of Mrs. Schauer's friends created for it.  (Thanks for showing it to me, Mrs. Schauer!)  I'm glad I watched it if not I would never have known about this great book.  

So, Chuy dies and lives on as a ghost after they murder him in the restroom of  Club Estrella.  He goes on seeing that people actually did love him .  Shuy travels around to places that he would not have imagined going when he was alive.  

In a way, Chuy finds himself helping other people.  Chuy also seems to have found his true love.  Can ghosts really fall in love?  How can he make most of it?  I would tell you the rest of the story, but then you wouldn't have a reason to read this fantastic book.  I REALLY recommend it!


  1. Hey, Rebeca!!

    I am Mrs. Schauer's friend.. the one that created the trailer! I am thrilled that you liked the book! It was a great book! The next book, Buried Onions, follows up on The Afterlife!

    Happy Reading!
    ~C. Acosta

  2. Really there's a book to the afterlife? How Cool!! I really did love the booktrailer u made it was so Ah-some!!! :-)