Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ana's Story, Posted by Mrs. Schauer

Ana's Story: A Journey of Hope, by Jenna Bush and Mia Baxter
AR: Yes
Interest Level: Middle and Upper Grades
Audiobook Available in the Library

I listened to this book, and can't wait for the print version to come in so I can read it as well. (As you can tell, I get most of my "reading" done while driving down the highway)Written by Jenna Bush, it tells the story of Ana, whom Jenna met while working in Latin America with UNICEF. Ana was born with HIV/AIDS and this book tells of her life from when she was a small child, until she's seventeen years old. She survives much abuse and hardship because of her disease, and she becomes pregnant at the age of seventeen. Ana is a true survivor and hearing her story gave me hope for the future. In Ana's words, she is "living with AIDS," not dying from it.

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  1. Ana's story is a really good read!