Friday, June 6, 2008

Forged by Fire, by Sharon Draper. Posted by Mrs. Schauer

FORGED BY FIRE, by Sharon M. Draper
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Interest Level: Middle and Upper Grades

This book has been on the shelf for years--but only a couple of people have checked it out...and I am here to say: "CHECK OUT THIS BOOK!" I love summer because it gives me time to read books that I have in my "want to read but don't have time" pile. I actually listened to the audio of this book on my way to my graduate class in Huntsville and it definitely made the time in the car fly by.

Gerald is only three years old when he's left alone in the apartment while his mom goes out to meet with her drug dealer. While she's gone, Gerald plays with her lighter and sets the apartment on fire. As a result of her abandoning him, his mother is sent to prison and Gerald goes to live with is Aunt Queen. He lives in her loving home until the age of nine, when his mom gets out of prison and comes to get him. This time she's not alone--she has a new husband and Gerald finds out he has a half-sister named Angel, who is several years younger than he is. Aunt Queen is prepared to fight for him, but it's all decided when she dies suddenly of a heart attack and Gerald has no choice but to go live with his mother, step-father and new half sister.

I am not going to give away any more of the story line--but this is a wonderful book that I can't believe has been sitting unread on the shelf for so long! So...get to the library as soon as school starts again...and check out this book!

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