Friday, June 6, 2008

Just Curious.... Posted by Mrs. Schauer

I am wondering if anyone out there actually LOOKS at this blog when they're not at school...If you are reading this...hit " comments" and post a reply. Remember to type in your name...don't post a comment as "anonymous...." If you do post as "anonymous," be sure to include your name in your post.

If anyone wants to blog over the summer, email me at and we'll keep the blog going! (I know, I's probaby wishful thinking to think any of y'all even read the blog...much less want to READ BOOKS over the summer!)


  1. I look every once in a while...

    Coach Marbach

  2. offense...I'm thrilled that SOMEONE is looking at it...but you're a teacher! (J/K)

    I guess no students are reading it...blah...darn them for having fun in the summer!

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  4. Okay, I just looked at it! But only because I get alerts when a new blog is posted! heheeh! Well, Mrs. Schauer, I guess you, Coach Marbach and I are the only true nerds at school, despite many apparently unjustified preconceived notions I had about some of our students! hehehe! No offense, kids, but hey . . . where are you book club members now? Geez! At any rate, I've, at least, been reading. The only good thing about not being under Mrs. Schauer's YA spell (hah!) is that I'm reading some books that I had been putting off. Not as enjoyable as YA, but still very worthwhile. Alrighty! Hope to "hear" from some kids soon on the blog!

  5. SO i am not exactly a kid either but i figured since i was checking out the blog, i would leave a comment. I am reading some amazing books this summer.


  6. Lol, Mrs. Schauer,
    I'm at school but I don't go to Pettus. I moved to Three Rivers [Lisa Puerto], the library here doesn't have as many good books as your library.

  7. HI there! It's great to hear from you! I'm sorry there aren't a lot of good books...ask the librarian to order some!