Tuesday, September 9, 2008

UGLIES, by Scott Westerfield Posted by Hailee, Freshman

UGLIES, by Scott Westerfield
AR: Yes
Vocabulary Quiz: Yes
Interest Level: Upper Grades

Picture this: you live in a world where everyone who's normal is ugly. That's what it's like for Tally Youngblood and she can't wait for what's coming up.... Her sixteenth birthday. Where Tally lives when you turn sixteen you have an operation that makes you stunningly gorgeous, and that is all that Tally has ever wanted. Everything is great and on schedule when one night someone new comes into her life and shows her that being pretty isn't everything. Tally soon has to make the decision to either become perfect and gorgeous or remain ugly.......... FOREVER. Now I'm not a reader at all and I loved this book and I am currently reading the third of its series. To find out what Tally's decision was do what I did and become hooked on this amazing series.

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