Saturday, September 6, 2008

Eleven and Twelve, by Lauren Myracle, Posted by Ashlynn S., 6th Grader

ELEVEN, by Lauren Myracle TWELVE, by Lauren Myracle
AR: Yes
Interest Level: Middle Grade

I read both of these books and they were really great. I think it might be one of the best books I have ever read. Both of these books are about a little girl named
Winnie. The little girl reminds me of myself. We are very similar
in different ways. These books truly are some of the best books I have
ever read and I encourage you to read them.


  1. I really think these two books are the greatest books I read so far.These books are so great,I never get tired of them!I love them.

  2. Ashlynn! I can't believe what a great writer you are, and you're in the 6th grade?! Dude. You should be a book reviewer when you grow up...or better yet, an author yourself.

    SOOOOO glad you like the Winnie books. Did you know that THIRTEEN is out in paberback now? AND, I'm currently finishing FOURTEEN! Yay!!!!

    And--pant, pant, I'm going on and on, I know--but THIRTEEN is up for the Children's Choice Book Award, and anyone can vote, and I really hope it wins because I never win anything. ;) If you wanna vote, go to:

    And spread the word to your buds, eh? (IF you want to, that is...)


  3. I am using Eleven for a 6th grade girls book club over the summer. I've been a teacher for 20 years. I pull out vocabulary from each chapter, ask comprehension questions etc... the girls are really enjoying the book...laughing out loud...and are engaged and "present" while oral reading. They are finding many examples of figurative language. I like how they are inferring the cahracters feeling through their actions as well.
    Also, topics of friendship, peer pressure etc...are coming up for discussion..which is priceless. The girls feel safe in their little circle of friends with Elevn to bring up these topics....
    I hope to move on to Twelve next summer...Thirteen...Fourteen....but
    I don't think the girls will wait that long to read the nest book !

    Thank you :)

    G. O'Connell