Saturday, August 23, 2008

Breaking Dawn, by Stephenie Meyer Posted by Teresa Schauer

Breaking Dawn, by Stephenie Meyer
AR: Not Yet

I am only a little ways into this book, but I wanted to blog it anyway because I know several people have already read it and might want to blog on it. PLEASE, though...if you blog this book, don't give away too many details. I downloaded it to my Kindle at 12:01 the day it was released but haven't had time to read it...I didn't want to start it because I knew I wouldn't be able to put it down...and man, was I right! So far, I am loving it...not going to give any details away, though!


  1. omg!
    the most perfict way to end a series or what ever you call it!
    i just wish that it didn't end the way it did i would get into detail but hailee is right behind me and she hanst read it yet!

  2. OMG! The best series in the world... The books were amazing, so i am kinda sad about the movie, cuz it is totally ruining my visual of edward! UGH!!!

  3. After reading this book, I wanted to be Bella! hahah!

    This book really tied up the whole series nicely. I was left with NO unanswered questions! i would like to see, though, how the family progresses. Maybe Ms. Meyer will honor us with a 5th book! One thing I thought toward the end of the book . . . sometimes we have gifts to offer that we're not even aware of!