Monday, June 29, 2009

THE PACT by Jodi Picoult Posted by Mrs. Schauer

by Jodi Picoult
AR:  Yes
Interest Level:  Upper Grades

I selected this older title (c 1998) to read on my Kindle during my travel on a business trip and it definitely held my attention.  This is the story of Emily and Chris, and their bond that began, literally, from the moment they met, in infancy.  The children of best friends and neighbors, they began their life together when they were introduced by being placed in a bassinet together the day Emily was born.  They grew up best friends, and it was only natural that they would also take their relationship to the next level upon entering their teen years.  Their lives, on the surface, from the outsider, were perfect.  They were intelligent, witty, well-rounded young adults from respected families.  They were destined for success and a long happy life together.  All this is shattered, though, when Emily is found dead, in Chris's arms, at 3:00 in the morning.  Could it really have been a suicide pact gone wrong, as Chris tells the police upon being questioned?  Could Chris have murdered her?  Nothing is certain, except that lifelong friendships are shattered, and the outlook of two families is bleak, as they try to fit the pieces of the shattered puzzle that has become their lives, back together.  

This book was hard to read--Jodi Picoult does an excellent job of drawing the reader in and making them care about her characters.  She tackles tough and timely subjects head-on and to the point.  My heart broke for Chris as well as both sets of parents.  I'm thinking about a trailer for this one.... hmmmmmm

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  1. mrs.schauer this looks like a really good book.i would so read it if i was still going to school