Friday, June 19, 2009

by Amy Kathleen Ryan
AR:  Yes
Interest Level:  Upper Grades

I listened to this one on audio, on my way to and from Austin and it was an easy, breezy listen.  The story centers on Krisiti, a high school student who can read minds.  She knows that almost every boy who looks at her thinks about her self-described "enormous gazoombas", she knows that the one guy she is head over heels for (Gusty, short for Augustus)  thinks she's sick, and she knows that her ex-best friend Hildie (who also happens to be Gusty's little sister) absolutely despises her.   She thinks she's got everyone figured out--until her "vibes" don't tell her a few very important things--and she has to readjust the way she thinks about everything.  What if she's been wrong about everything? What if she can't really read minds?  This book will be enjoyed by teen girls--I've already ordered it for our library.  

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