Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WOW...Additions to "The Playlist"

I have gotten some suggestions for additional songs, so I thought I'd add them here, and update it if any more should happen to come in. I'm not including all of them on my personal playlist for my daughter, but I think this could be a fantastic resource for someone to turn to should they ever need it.

16. When I Look to the Sky, by Train (Thanks, Lynn!)

17. Angel, by Sarah MacLachlan (Thanks, Lynn!)

18. I Will Remember You, by Sarah MacLachlan (Thanks, Lynn!)

19. Tears in Heaven, by Eric Clapton (Thanks, Lynn!)

20. Leave Out All the Rest, by Linkin Park (Thanks, Lynn!)

21. Twenty-Three, by MC Lars (Thanks, Jane!)

22. Feel the Healing, by Pam Thum (Thanks, Charlynn!)

23. Life is Hard (God is Good) by Pam Thum (Thanks, Charlynn!)

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