Thursday, April 8, 2010

FAR FROM YOU, by Lisa Schroeder Posted by Mrs. Schauer

FAR FROM YOU, by Lisa Schroeder
AR: Yes
Interest Level: Upper Grades

Most of you know that I have been on a Lisa Schroeder kick since she reached out to my daughter Hailee, which I blogged about in my I Heart You, You Haunt Me post. I have have read three of her books now, and I do believe that this one is my favorite.
This is Alice's story, and it follows her through the process of grieving her mother's death, accepting her father's new wife and baby, and facing the realities and decisions of young-adulthood. Written in prose, there are so many beautiful words in this book. It is a fast read--but a powerful one.
I will be forever indebted to Lisa for the compassion she showed my baby girl during her time of loss. Hailee is still grieving--and she's grieving hard--but she's healing with the help of her faith in God, her friends, and people like Lisa who have reached out to her. As I told her in an email, when that package came in the mail, the YA lover in me was awed that she would take the time to do something like that, but the mama in me was at a loss for words. (And THAT, for anyone and everyone who knows me, is a rare occurance!)
At this moment, I can honestly say that Lisa Schroeder's books are the most requested books in my library. Kids who NEVER, and mean NEVER read on purpose, just because they want to, are asking for more from her. I hope this is one author that will be around for a long, long time. Her books are a salve for the souls and emotions of people who are dealing with loss and grief.
From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU LISA SCHROEDER!!
OH! And I get to meet her next week!!!!!!!


  1. That is so touching that Lisa Schroeder reached out to your daughter.
    Sue Fitzgerald

  2. Thanks for requesting her books. My daughter has also read all three and is wanting more! She is an amazing author and I can't wait to see her at TLA!

  3. What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing this. I found my way here through Lisa's blog.