Tuesday, April 20, 2010

High Point of TLA (for me anyway!)

Last week was the annual Texas Library Association Conference--and I FINALLY got to meet three of my favorite authors: Ellen Hopkins, Sonja Sones and Lisa Schroeder. The were on a panel together, discussing their personal writing styles and the processes they go through to write their books. It was awesome to listen in an three such incredible writers sharing like that. I wish I would have been video taping the audience when Ellen held up the ARC for FALLOUT--we couldn't believe we were going to get our hands on it! Anyway, I took a few photos that I thought I'd post:

Lisa Schroeder and I

A signed copy of FALLOUT for Emily

The ARC for FALLOUT (which isn't hitting bookstores for 5 months!!!)

Ellen Hopkins and I

Ellen, Sonja, and Lisa


  1. Hey guys! This book is amazing! I just couldn't put it down! I rea it a few days ago and i just absolutely loved it! it might look strange from the outside but its amazing. Trust me. Its jessica r. howard you are talkn to.

  2. Wonderful blog, Mrs. Schauer! Thank you for assisting in keeping literature alive at PHS. I'm sure there are many alumni who feel the same.
    Elaine Dunn