Friday, April 4, 2008

Be More Chill, by Ned Vizzini Posted by Derek W.

BE MORE CHILL, by Ned Vizzini

AR: Yes

Interest Level: Upper Grades

BE MORE CHILL is a great book. In the beginning of the story a teenager has trouble dealing with his popularity issues and his family. He is always getting bullied by the jocks, preps, and gothic kids at his school until one day he finds a solution to his problem from one of his friends. His friend tells him about the "Squip" which is a pill that implants a tiny computer in his brain when he swallows it. It tells him what to do and say and how to act. Instantly he is friends with the jocks and the popular kids, and can have any girl he wants. Then it starts to catch up with him. he gets drunk at parties and enjoys himself until the "Squip" malfunctions and starts shutting off and speaking in different languages and he can't figure out how to fix it. When the "Squip" malfunctions he is at a party and the house of the party burns down. This book is great and it has a good ending, but I can't tell you about it, because then you won't read it!


  1. this book is extra good! i read it last year and i didn't want to put it down! GREAT BOOK

  2. yeah this is a good book..very hard core..but really good

  3. Wow--Hannah, you must be bored to be reading the library blog on Saturday!

    Hard core...hmmmm...Yes, I think some of it is hard core, but it's also very relative to today's teens.

  4. yea it is relative to teens these days b/c now days thats all people want.... But derek made a good blog b/c it is awesome book... NICE!!!!!

  5. Well if this book wasn't on a waiting list I probablly would be reading it or would have read it. It must be interesting since I have to wait to read the dang book!

  6. -sigh- I still haven't read the book, it was NEVER & I REPEAT NEVER!!!!! available :( Maybe the library in Three Rivers has it now or something

  7. ~*Brittany Rae #5*~January 29, 2009 at 11:27 AM

    this book was relly good. :D

  8. Hey, this is Ned Vizzini. I wrote this book. I hope nobody doesn't believe that it's me because believe me, I am not important enough for anyone to want to pretend to be me!

    Anyway, Derek, I really appreciate your comments. It means a lot to me that you would give a review, and your review was nice and short, which means people will actually read it!

    Also, no kidding, you posted this on my birthday.

    Hope you can drop by my blog sometime. Just Google me, it's easy enough.

    Thank you so much!