Sunday, April 5, 2009

PEACE LOVE AND BABY DUCKS posted by Mrs. Schauer

by Lauren Myracle
AR: Yes
Interest Level: Middle and Upper Grades

I got so excited when I was at the Penguin Book Publishers booth and saw this book was available as an advanced reader's copy. First of all, the cover...isn't it GREAT? Secondly, the fact that it's by Lauren Myracle and won't be actually published until May, and I had a chance to grab a copy...well, yeah....I snatched it up! I already have a shopping cart full of books I want to order as soon as they're available, and this one is at the top of the list! (Along with the new Sarah Dessen, which won't be published till June!!!!) OK, I got fussed at by the rep working the booth for taking books without asking, but GOSH, to see them just sitting there...calling my name...restraint was just TOO much to ask of me! But back to this book....

PEACE, LOVE & BABY DUCKS is a wonderful story about what it means to be a sister. Carly and Anna have always been rock-solid close. They live in Atlanta and go to an exclusive private Christian school. Their home is in the best neighborhood and have everything money can buy. Appearances, especially to their parents, are everything.

During the summer after her own first year of high school (which is also the summer before her sister's first year) Carly spends six weeks working in the wilderness of the Tennessee mountains. During this time, she connects with nature and realizes that there is so much more to life than shopping, designer clothes, and getting a tan. Being in the wilderness felt so real to her, that her goal for her upcoming sophomore year is to hold onto that realness. Being there made her realize just how fake a her Atlanta life could be.

During the very same summer that Carly was finding out how "real" the world was outside of their small corner of Atlanta, her baby sister Anna was going through her own transformation. She goes from being "cute little Anna"to the kind of girls at which guys ogle and stare. Anna's entering high school doesn't look like it's going to be the "guidance job" for Carly, that she originally thought it was going to be.

Toss in a hot, intense, guitar-playing guy to drool over and dream about, a "best friend guy" that is drooling over and dreaming about HER, and the fact that her sister is the girl that EVERYONE is drooling over and dreaming about...well, let's just say...some drama ensues.

Read this book and experience with Carly and Anna...the joy, laughter, pain, sorrow, frustration, tears, anger, embarrassment, protectiveness, understanding, forgiveness, peace and love that's involved in being a sister. Peace, love, and ducks, are woven into this book the way only an author like Lauren Myracle can weave them.

This one will be available as soon as it's released in May!


  1. Omigosh--I love your synopsis! You make it sound so juicy! Thanks, sweetie!!!



    P.S. Hey, tell your students--if you want--to enter the Ducky Contest of Love! Deets on the Ning site:

  2. Oh thank you for finding the blog and for taking the time to comment! We love your books here in Pettus, Texas! My own daughter even blogged on your books ELEVEN and TWELVE back in September...she's anxiously awaiting the publication of FOURTEEN!

    Thanks again...and I'll pass the word about the contest!

  3. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!I can't believe LAUREN MYRACLE actually commented here!This is sooo cool....she is such a great author...I'm a big fan though :0

  4. Love you books Lauren! I was roaming around the book store and I really wanted a book, and before I left I touched one of your books TTYL and started to read it! I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!!! Ever since that day, I was so addicted to ALL of your books! Love ya fo-evah Lauren!