Thursday, December 6, 2007

Twilight Posted by Mrs. Schauer

TWILIGHT, by Stephenie Meyer
AR: Yes
Interest Level: Middle/Upper Grades
Audiobook Available in HS Library

Bella and Edward are drawn together in ways neither of them can explain. Each knows, without a doubt, that they have found their soul mate in the other. This would be great in a perfect world, but this book is not set in a perfect world. While Bella is a normal, human teenage girl, Edward is a vampire, whose thirst for Bella’s blood is always under the surface, threatening both of them. When Bella is captured and bitten by a rival vampire, Edward saves her human life by sucking the venom out of her veins. This upsets Bella because she knows that if he would have let the venom work, she would have become a vampire as well, and they could have been together forever. In the end, this is exactly what appears to happen, as the book closes with Edward lowering his lips to her throat. This is a fantastic love story that will enthrall teens— it is beautifully written and a definite page turner.


  1. This is by far the best book in this trilogy. I was hesitant when Mrs. Schauer recommended the book -- not really into the whole vampire thing here -- but after I read this book, I have to tell ya . . . Mrs. Teresa Schauer became my book guru -- the ultimate "recommender" of books! I now TOTALLY trust her judgement!!! Seriously, I started this book -- was a bit skeptical -- until around page 6! Then I breezed through the book, simply because I couldn't put it down. I SWEAR I had dreams about Edward Cullen. Excellent! Marvelous! Fabuloso!

  2. I really have never"been into" the whole "vampire" thing. I loved this book. I almost felt like I was a part of the families in the book.

  3. o my gosh this book is so good i never put it down i even read in the dark!!

  4. I'm so glad you finally got around to reading this one. You'll have to get NEW MOON's just as good. Check out the link to TWILIGHT THE MOVIE on the blog...there's going to be a movie our in December!

  5. I love this book. I bet I could read it over and over and never get tired of it!