Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Twelfth Angel

AR: Yes
Interest Level: Upper Grades

John Harding's life is perfect—he is in love with his wife, they have a wonderful seven year old son, and they’ve just moved back to his hometown in the heart of New England. He’s recently been named the president and CEO of one of the largest computer companies in the nation—and then his world falls apart. His wife and son are killed in a car accident, leaving John behind, empty, alone, and ready to end it all. He’s got the gun out, pointed at his head, when he is interrupted by someone banging on his door, then on his window. One of his childhood friends has come to ask a favor—he wants him to manage a Little League team, the Angels, with him. Hearing his wife’s voice in his head telling him he can do it—he decides to give it a go, and meets Timothy in the process. Timothy, the twelfth Angel picked in the draft, is a tiny boy, with virtually no athletic ability. He has the heart of a champion though, and proves to be just what the team and John Harding need. Timothy’s fighting spirit and can-do attitude make John see that anything is possible in this life if you just believe, and never give up. This book will be enjoyed by any teenage boy or adult who loves the game of baseball—and has fond memories of Little League.


  1. What a pleasant surprise to find a review of The Twelfth Angel on your blog! I read this book with my "struggling reader" high school students many years ago, and it was by far the book they most enjoyed. Both males and females literally ran to class during the weeks we were reading this book, so anxious were they to discover the next chapter in this heartwarming story of courage, faith, and perseverance. I hope Pettus readers will try this one... they'll love it!

  2. Thank goodness for kids, huh? Kids unwittingly and unknowingly saving a grown man's life! And thank God for healing . . . however slow it may come, it still inevitably comes. Good book -- self-affirmation will become something I practice from now on -- thanks to the "message" from littlest angel on the team.