Thursday, December 6, 2007

New Moon, Posted by Mrs. Schauer

NEW MOON, by Stephenie Meyer
AR: Yes
Interest Level: Middle/Upper Grades
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Audiobook Available in HS Library

I read this one cover to cover the day it was released—yes, I am a die-hard Bella/Edward fan! In this sequel to Twilight, Edward decides it’s far too dangerous for Bella to remain near his family, when a paper cut causes one of the Cullens to almost lose control. After the Cullens leave, Bella sinks into a deep depression. The only solace she finds is in her friendship with Jacob Black, who happens to be a werewolf, and arch-nemesis of Edward and all vampires. Bella is faced with the painful decision of whom she belongs with. While New Moon isn’t as fast-paced, or romantic as Twilight, it does end in a way that makes the reader crazy with anticipation for the third book in the trilogy.


  1. Loved it! However, I did actually break one of my own rules when I skipped a few pages toward the beginning. (I have a rule where I can't skip any words or pages in a book, a rule where I have to hear every word in a movie, and a rule where I have to eat the edges of a Reeses peanut butter cup before I eat the middle! I have way more rules than those three, but the others can wait!) Anywayyyy, I grew somewhat weary of Bella's continual whining and crying about Edward's leaving, so . . . flip, flip, flip! I fast-forwarded! Other than that, as I previously stated -- LOVED it! In fact, I was torn -- I was just a "spectator" of Bella's life yet I felt the poor girl's pain -- how hard it must have been to have to choose between two hunky guys! heheh! (never have had to do that personally here though! pooey!)

  2. have a lot of weird rules. What if you eat a little Reeses? On the subject of Edward/VS Jacob Black...I'll take beautiful over hairy any day!

  3. little Reese's? Pop 'em in your mouth and go . . .on to the next one and the next one! I'll tell ya, if lay's didn't already have the ad "You can't eat just one", then Reeses should just snag it up for the mini's! heheh! (is that Lay's by the way? I think so.) As far as the whole Jacob/Edward thing. .. I must say that although I have plenty of my own insulation to keep me warm, I STILL get cold way beyond what I would prefer. So . . . Jacob is the winner in that category. The whole hairy thing has to go, though. Had an ex=husband like that. Though not the reason for divorce, the hair is not missed AT ALL!!!

  4. well i finished it and now i can't wait to start the next book "eclipse"