Thursday, December 6, 2007

King Dork, Posted by Mrs. Schauer

KING DORK, by Frank Portman (2006)
AR: Yes
Interest Level: Upper Grades
Audiobook Available in HS Library

I listened to this one on audio and I will admit that at times I got lost, but overall it was a very entertaining listen. This book chronicles the days of Tom Henderson, AKA King Dork, Chi-Mo, and a few unsavory nicknames. Tom is a typical high school loser--he actually reminded me of a few of my own highly intelligent, slightly off-kilter friends from high school. He has a wicked sense of humor and takes refuge in his music. He and his best friend Sam are constantly changing the name of their band, for which they can't find a drummer who can count to four. After finding a stash of books that belonged to his deceased father, Tom starts putting together pieces of what he believes is a conspiracy, centering around, among other books, THE CATCHER AND THE RYE.


  1. I am nearly half-way through this book, and I'm still waiting for something substantial to happen. Don't get me wrong -- I enjoy the book -- the writing is humorous and (in my opinion) true-to-life for a teenage boy. I'm thinking this guy Porter might be basing this book on his own personal teenage diary! He's good! At any rate, I'm looking forward to completing the book -- it's just not a book that I can't put down when the commercials are over! (sometimes I read with the tv on -- some books are "beyond-commercial worthy" -- (or b.c.w. as King Dork would write!) -- and other books are not! Hah!)

  2. Oops! Had the author's name wrong -- shame on me! PORTMAN -- not Porter! (No disrespect intended, F.P.)

  3. Finished King Dork! Was actually sort of a page-turner towards the end! But the ending left me wondering. All in all, the book was enjoyable. I got a kick out of the way the author "made" the main character "talk". I have to say that I giggled at many points throughout the book just because I know that I recognized the feelings and thoughts and actions of the characters mainly from dealing with and observing kids for so many years as a teacher and parent! Good book! I wouldn't recommend it to my youngest daughter just because she'd freak out about the sex stuff, or to my sons because they'd totally get off to the sex stuff (hey, wait! maybe they'd actually read it and make a 100 on an AR test! Let me re-think that one!) My 18 yr-old daughter, though, I think would enjoy it, just because she's done with high school and all that junk and she would think back and laugh as she pictured people she knew in the roles portrayed in the book. Overall, good book, but not a re-read.