Friday, March 7, 2008

Maximum Ride...the Series, Posted by Jeff M, 9th Grader

by James Patterson
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Hey there Pettus! How are we doing?...Well, I just wanted to say hi and talk about a couple of things. For one, there is a great book series out there and you have probably seen me reading them over the past few weeks. The books are called MAXIMUM RIDE. These books are amazing and I just can't wait for the fourth book to come out which is going to be out on March 17th. Maximum Ride is about this girl Max and her "flock" of six: Max, Fang, Iggie, Nudge, Gasman, and Angel. These kids are actually avian hybrids. (for those who don't know what that is, it is a mix of human and bird--half man/half bird) Yes, these "kids" have wings and can fly. Max has a wingspan of 13 feet and Fang's is 15 feet across. (read the books to find out more!) They fight the Erasers, who want to take them back to "the school." Erasers are half wolf, half man. The school is where the evil scientist who created the flock live, but now they want to kill them. (how ironic!) There is so much more for me to say but maybe you should just read the books. Another thing, I wanted to see if maybe I or we could start a Book Club. It would be really fun! There are a lot of interesting books in our library and maybe we could get more! Well I'll talk about my next idea for the Book Club on my next blog tomorrow. See ya! Bye! -Jeffy-Jeff.


  1. We should create a book club it would be lots of fun I could think a lot of stuff we could doo!!

  2. book club sounds fun. i'm in!

  3. Hey Jeff! Okay -- I have to say that your choice of books is not on the top of my list, buttttt. . . Mrs. Schauer has in the past recommended books that I was skeptical about but read anyway and ended up LOVING! So, I am open to anything at this point! hahah! I will most definitely put "your" books on my list of 'to read'! And yes, I am very interested in a book club, as well! I think it would be great!

  4. ok good thasnks ms camden! I hope you will be apart of our book club sometime soon!

  5. ok I hope you will be in oru book club soon!