Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Who Owns Kelly Paddik, Posted by Mrs. Schauer

by Beth Goobie
AR: Yes
Interest Level: Upper Grade

As this book opens, fifteen year old Kelly Paddick is arriving at the Marymound School for Girls. She's been living in a group home, but she tried to slash her wrists, so now she's going to be locked up--there's wire mesh on the windows so she can't break out and she's under the watchful eye of the home's staff constantly. She's a mess of emotions--her heart is full of things from her past that threaten to consume her--until she finally opens up and starts to talk. Once she talks about her past and what her dad did to her, she starts to heal.


  1. This book is really good and that isn't something I'd normally say or "type". I think this is the second book I read when I moved to Pettus. I honestly suggest that you read this book.

  2. I read this book. It is very good. It takes a lot for me to read and to be interested in a book and this one did. This book got interesting and I couldn’t put it down! If you’re the type who likes to read about girls’ lives that are so messed up, then you should read this book.