Tuesday, March 4, 2008

TWILIGHT....The Movie!!!

After devouring all three of the books in this amazing trilogy, I was extremely excited to hear there is going to be a movie based on Twilight. (Release is slated for December of this year) I checked out Stephenie Meyer's website and was a bit let-down by the photos of the cast. In my mind, the Cullens were dark haired and eyed--although I think it mentioned somewhere that they were actually blonde--when I pictured them in my head, they were dark. In any case, I felt a little better after viewing the trailer. I hope they stick close to the book...and that it being "based on" the book doesn't mean the screenwriters had total freedom to change it completely. In any case, there are some links listed below. The first is a link to the trailer and the second is a link to Stephenie's website. What do you think? Do the characters cast in the movie fit your mind's perception of how they should look? (A bit of trivia: Did you know that the third installment, ECLIPSE knocked the last Harry Potter book from the nunber one spot on the NYT bestseller list?)



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  1. Hello.
    I totally agree. I dont mind Edward. He seems ok. But the others - not so much. Esme doesnt look like an ingenue and Jasper and Emmet are supposed to be HUGE.
    And Alice (I adore that name) in my mind's eye is a pixie fashion plate with spiked hair. Rosalie, just is.
    We'll just have to wait to see what the movie is like. It'll be disappointing in the sense that they have to adapt the book which means changing it which always hurts die-hard fans.
    BTW - nice blog!!!