Monday, March 10, 2008

CRANK, posted by R. Manuel, Sophomore

CRANK, by Ellen Hopkins
AR: Yes
Interest Level: UPPER GRADE

If you have ever thought about trying drugs cause you think it is cool, then you definitely need to read this book because I think it will change your mind. It is about this girl who is 16 fixing to turn 17 when she goes to visit her dad who does crank. (crystal meth) She starts hanging out with people who do the drug, and when she tries it she gets hooked on the monster. The story goes on to tell of how horrible the drug is. It totally consumes her life and nothing else matters. She goes from being a straight A student to down the drain real fast. There is also another book called GLASS--it is a sequel to this book.


  1. I have heard a lot about this book and want to read it...but it's always checked out with a waiting list! Sigh...I guess I'll have to wait till summer...

  2. OK...I read it, cover to cover...very quickly. I simply could not put this one down. I don't even have words to describe this book. I want to read it again, but will probably wait until summer when I have more time. (I am, however, going to read Glass as soon as it gets checked back in.)

    I do think that kids who are experimenting with drugs of any kind should read this book...meth uses the tiniest opening to enter into a user's life...and depending on that person's ability to set limits, it can and so many times DOES consume an entire life. I know, because I had friends in college who were devastated by this drug. I saw their decline...from normal, 18 and 19 year old people who liked to rail-thin, chain smoking addicts. One girl I knew eventually died of an overdose of crank. This is not a drug to play with!

  3. There's hardly ever a time when I find a book that I literally can't put down. It was almost as if, at times, it was glued to my hands wanting to keep reading it. The way the author writes is so different and in that, it makes it more interesting to read. It's almost like her diary, but in a poetic way that is really intriguing to the reader. I don't know anyone I wouldn't suggest this book to, even adults. This is by far my favorite book and I'm so excited to embark on a new journey with Kristina a.k.a. "Bree" in the second book "Glass".