Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Lost Boy, posted by Cat P, 8th Grader

THE LOST BOY, by Dave Pelzer
AR: Yes
Interest Level: Upper Grades

This book is the sequel to A CHILD CALLED IT, which I blogged last week. It is about the same boy as the first book, only now he's been placed in foster care and he has to overcome difficult tasks. He misses his mommmy who gave him a sincere goodbye, and for the first time she meant it. This book is a really good book so please read it. I loved this book and hope that you will too, but it is about child abuse, so if that bothers you, you might not to read this one.


  1. OK, Cat...I know you love these books, but try reading something HAPPY...just for a little break...?

  2. Wow, Catherine, this is a really good book. I mean Mrs. Schauer is right though, "try reading something HAPPY." Please. But one day your going to be like a really big "berd(inside joke)" & then your going to write a book like this, I will be so proud of you. Love you girl.