Monday, March 10, 2008

Sixteen, posted by Ashley D, 8th Grader

Edited by Megan McCafferty
AR: Yes
Interest Level: Uppper Grades

This book has a bunch of different stories that are written by 16 really good authors. Some of the authors are Sarah Dessen, (THAT SUMMER) Ned Vizinni (BE MORE CHILL), Carolyn Mackler (THE EARTH, MY BUTT AND OTHER BIG ROUND THINGS), Sonya Sones (WHAT MY MOTHER DOESN'T KNOW). The book has stories about girls and guys who turn sixteen and what they go through. It is easy to read, and it's really good. One of the best parts about it is there are so many different stories in it, and the stories are all pretty short. The best part about the book is that you can really relate to what happens to the different characters. READ IT! READ IT! READ IT!

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  1. I ordered this book on the request of one of my students, but have not really looked at it. It has only been checked out four or five times since it came in last year, but I glad you blogged this book! I can't wait to read it...I had no idea there were this many great authors involved with it! Thanks, Ashley!